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Printing Trade Accounts

Posted by: Kirsty on: 06/02/2018

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If you scratch our back, we can scratch yours - doesn’t that sound lovely?

We understand that you do a lot of the leg work, finding the clients and building a rapport.
Perhaps it’s a case that your client needs digital print, a quick turn-around. We have many trade clients from lithographic printers, to print management companies and design agencies.

You could be benefitting from our trade price printing!


As a trade client you will receive:

  • Trade discount across our prices.  Trade discount can be up to a whopping 40% reduction on all our prices from our correx printing to our Acrylic printing and PVC banners.
  • Confidentiality. We understand the importance of keeping your private bits private. All orders are shipped white label if they’re not going to you, so your client will not know that the goods have been shipped from an alternate address. Think of us as your invisible friends.
  • Advice and Knowledge. Built on a wealth of knowledge about the printing industry, standards and techniques we’re practically the Yoda’s of the print world. Much we have learned in our many years.
  • A fast turn around and high quality. As we print digitally with state of the art machines we can print quickly without compromising quality. With a standard turn-around of 3 – 5 working days we are your last-minute solution to your printing deadlines. We strive to send out your completed order as soon as physically possible; unlike most printing companies we don’t charge extra for a premium turn around! Premium is the standard we strive for.


What do we expect in return for your trade discount?

  • Clear and concise quotation requests. No lazy email forwarding!
    One of the reasons we can offer such a discount on our already competitive pricing is because you have done the leg work; which includes finding out what material the client needs and ensuring all quantities and sizes are correct.
  • Print ready artwork. Don’t be sending us your business card sized scans and asking us to print them at 8ft, we’re good but not rabbit out of the hat good! PDFs or Jpegs are what we’re after, supplied in a CMYK colour format at the correct size with fonts outlined and crop marks where needed. Ask us for our full artwork requirements if you aren’t 100%
  • All the specs. Sadly, though we are awesome, we are not magical mind reading unicorns. It may be that you want your banner to be hemmed but not eyeletted, cut in a certain way or just plain and simple holes? We are more than happy to oblige. You just need to let us know.


Email us to see if you qualify for a trade account today! – You’d be mad not to.

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Printing Trade Accounts
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