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Spot Printed Perspex

Posted by: Rachel Walker on: 04/11/2016

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Sometimes, printing on foamex or foamcore just won’t cut it. If you’re looking for a print or a sign that’s going to catch the eye of any passer-by, a Perspex or acrylic print is the way to go.  

Our flatbed printers have the ability to print white in specified locations, we call this spot white, partly because of the way we set up the image to tell the printer to use the white ink. Without the white ink, colours printed on a clear surface would look more like a stain glass window than a sharp and solid print. Being able to specify exactly where we want the white ink to fall opens up options to incorporate the surroundings in to the image and also give a 3D effect. 

Recently we were approached by artist and visual maker, Sean McMurchy to print an illustration of his for his gallery space. He knew exactly the effect he wanted to achieve, in this case incorporating the painted brick wall behind his artwork as part of the finished effect.

Sean has worked with clients such as; Games Workshop, Roadhouse Productions, Nature Publishing Group, Backbone entertainment and more.

Website: http://www.seanmcmurchy.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sean_mcmurchy/

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