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Storm 90 Flags

  • Suitable for Interiors or Exteriors
  • Custom Printed with a High Quality and Durable Finish
  • Stands Firm against Winds of 13-18 mph or 4 on the Beaufort Scale
  • Effective and Cheap Advertising
  • Available in a Range of Sizes from 2.4m to 5m
  • Extremely Light Weight and Portable
  • Flags can be Designed by our In-House Graphic Designers
  • Printed on our Photo Quality Latex Machines
Storm 90 Flags - flag printing
  • Storm 90 Flags - flag printing

Storm 90 Custom Flag Printing

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The storms flags are mainly known for their durability and are manufactured to be erected on a robust pole, made from 30mm aluminium tube that is manufactured in the UK. The use of a durable material for the pole makes the flags last longer and these can be re-used whenever required. The poles are also manufactured to provide the user with the flexibility of use, being produced in two pole sizes, 4.8m and 3.6m. You may use either of the pole sizes, depending on, which out of the two will prove to be more feasible for your purpose.

Flag Printing Specialists

Carrick Signs Ltd. has developed expertise in printing and supply of formulate storm flags, also known as storm 90 flags. Carrick Sign Ltd. manufactures storm 90 flags and ensures that its customers are provided with durable and authentic products.

Strong and Durable Flags

Strom 90 flags, as mentioned earlier, are popular due to their durability and their robust structure, which provides them an edge over other flag types. Formulate storm flags are designed to have a beaufort wind scale of 4, which can withstand winds of 13-18 mph. at Carrick Signs Ltd., we manufacture and supply extremely durable storm 90 flags of finest quality. Our flags, because of their strong and durable material, can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that they have a longer life span.

The strength and durability of storm 90 flags and their weather resistant nature make them an ideal choice to be used for outdoor events. You may use them for golfing, cricket, equestrian or for various other outdoor events. Though, despite being usually preferred for exterior use, storm 90 flags can prove to be equally useful to be employed for indoor events. The strength of these flags makes them available to be used in diversified surroundings and virtually all environments.

Designing and Printing Flags to Promote your Brand

Carrick Signs Ltd. prints storm 90 flags that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor promotional activities. These flags, due to their high tolerance to strong winds, have great value for outdoor promotional and advertising activities. Formulate storm flags further aids a promotional campaign by providing sufficient area for display. Formulate storm flags have a wide display to support the visibility of graphics. Increased visibility of the printed material makes the advertised content more noticeable, making it hard for most to miss it.       

Formulate storm flags are manufactured to add to the users’ flexibility, being able to fit with a variety of bases. These flag bases can be of any king depending on the surface of where they are to be placed. You may opt for a base, for your storm 90 flag, considering which type would best suit the surface where it is to be placed. Strom 90 flags at Carrick Signs Ltd. can be adjusted with a number of base types to serve your purpose.

In case you are interested in purchasing durable and high quality storm 90 flags, for promotional or other purposes, you may choose a suitable one for yourself from the variety that Carrick Signs Ltd. offers and get those printed with the desired graphic or content. 

Flags can be styled in either Feather or Crest styles. Bases are sold separate, please see the table below. Carry bags are included with flag poles and bases.

Storm90 Flag Prices

Size Price EACH
3.6m flags - Flag pole with graphic £210+VAT
4.8m flags - Flag pole with graphic £250+VAT


Base Prices

Square Base is suitable for use with 2.4m and 3m flags.
Small Cross base with Weighted ring suitable for use with 2.4m and 3m flags.

Base Price EACH  
Large Cross Base £42.00+VAT Large Cross Base
   + (optional) Weighing Ring £20.00+VAT Weighing Ring
Ground Spike £35.00+VAT Ground Spike
Water Filled Base £42.00+VAT Water Filled Base
Large Square Base £63.00+VAT Large Square Base

Why Should I Use Flags?

The creative and functional design of Zoom Lite flags provide the users with utmost ease for effective advertising, having sufficient display area incorporated with the flag design to ensure minimum movement. The subtle movement ensure that the advertised content displayed on the flag is easily and quickly able to catch an individual’s attention, conveying the intended message successfully. Usually, numerous crest, storm 90, feather flags are lined parallel in an exterior setting, to make their composition more eye catching and appealing to ensure effective advertising.

Can I Use The Flags Indoors and Outdoors?

Yes. Flags are mostly used in exterior environments but they are equally suitable for interior environments. Please ensure that a appropriate base is purchased for the environment in which the flag will be used.

How Maneuverable Are They?

The Zoom Lite Flag system have been designed with weight and portability in mind ensuring that the flags are extremely maneuverable. This means that flags can be rearranged easily and without hassle if the need arises.

Will They Survive The Weather?

All the custom flags we sell have been engineered to withstand the harshness of the British weather. Our flags can hold up against winds up to 13-18 mph or weather measuring 4 on the Beaufort Scale.

What About Bases?

Every flag must be purchased with an appropiate accompanying base. We offer a range of bases from cross bases to ground spikes. Whatever the environment, we have a base suitable to match. Please see our prices page for more information on bases and their prices.

How can I download your sample images?

Please click the below links (and then right click to save on your computer):

Storm 90 Flags - flag printing Storm 90 Flags - flag printing

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