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Crest Flags

  • Our Flags are Designed to Withstand Winds of 13-18 mph or 4 on the Beaufort Scale
  • A Range of Flag Sizes from 2.4m to 5m in Height
  • Extremely Light Weight and Portable
  • Our Flags are Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Custom Printed Crest Flags are Powerfull and Cheap Advertisements
  • High Quality and Durable Custom Print
  • Our in-house Graphic Designers can help with Flag Artwork Design
Crest Shape Flag Printing
  • Crest Shape Flag Printing
  • Crest Flags

Crest Flag Printing

Crest type flags are part of the popular branded Zoom Lite Flag range. Great looking, high quality printed flags, tested both indoors and outdoors.

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Carrick Signs Ltd. offers crest shape flags that are made taking under consideration the benefit and convenience of our customers. Flags from Zoom lite flag range are designed to last for extended periods, saving our customer the undue expenditure, and come in high quality durable finish. Our zoom lite flags are manufactured in compliance with efficient quality control methods that provide our customers with end products that are worth their money. At Carrick Signs Ltd., we ensure that we provide feather and crest flags that are finished with fine quality printing and stitching.

High Impact Advertisement

Crest flag is preferred by various running and newly established businesses for their promotional activities, as it is cost effective in comparison to other traditional methods of advertising. Though, while using a crest flag for advertising, the cost of customised flag print and the additional expenditure of feather banner stand may be considered as unreasonable by many, but in actuality it is a long term investment. It is a one-time investment only. Moreover, these zoom lite crest flags are reusable and can be erected repeatedly, whenever required, after they are dismantled.

Advertising Through Custom Flags

Zoom light flags are ideal for advertising purposes and have ample space for impactful visual presentation. At Carrick Signs Ltd., we provide our customers with specially designed feather, crest and storm 90 flags that provide their users with optimum opportunity to advertise effectively. Our custom flags are particularly beneficial for outdoor advertising. Though they are light and occupy less space, they are designed to be strong enough to resist wind and other weather conditions and their innovative model allows the users to execute practical and productive promotional activities.

Convenient Flag Printing

The zoom lite flag system is preferred by many for the convenience and practicality of its use. Selecting an appropriate flag from our range of custom flags is simple and easy as all our flags are versatile and can be erected almost anywhere, be it interior or exterior. Zoom lite flags are designed to have a flexible body that not only makes them conveniently portable but also facilitates their speedy erection and dismantling. Hence, zoom lite flags are preferred to be used for many private events, where the organisers want to ensure fast, organised and co-ordinated management.

Flags can be styled in either Feather or Crest styles. Bases are sold separate, please see the table below. Carry bags are included with flag poles and bases.

Flag Prices

Size Price EACH
2.8m Flag pole with graphic £97+VAT
3.4m Flag pole with graphic) £125+VAT
4.5m Flag pole with graphic £200+VAT
5.6m Flag pole with graphic £250+VAT


Base Prices

Square Base is suitable for use with 2.4m and 3m flags.
Small Cross base with Weighted ring suitable for use with 2.4m and 3m flags.

Base Price EACH  
Large Cross Base £42.00+VAT Large Cross Base
   + (optional) Weighing Ring £20.00+VAT Weighing Ring
Ground Spike £35.00+VAT Ground Spike
Water Filled Base £42.00+VAT Water Filled Base
Large Square Base £63.00+VAT Large Square Base

Why Should I Use Flags?

The creative and functional design of Zoom Lite flags provide the users with utmost ease for effective advertising, having sufficient display area incorporated with the flag design to ensure minimum movement. The subtle movement ensure that the advertised content displayed on the flag is easily and quickly able to catch an individual’s attention, conveying the intended message successfully. Usually, numerous crest, storm 90, feather flags are lined parallel in an exterior setting, to make their composition more eye catching and appealing to ensure effective advertising.

Can I Use The Flags Indoors and Outdoors?

Yes. Flags are mostly used in exterior environments but they are equally suitable for interior environments. Please ensure that a appropriate base is purchased for the environment in which the flag will be used.

How Maneuverable Are They?

The Zoom Lite Flag system have been designed with weight and portability in mind ensuring that the flags are extremely maneuverable. This means that flags can be rearranged easily and without hassle if the need arises.

Will They Survive The Weather?

All the custom flags we sell have been engineered to withstand the harshness of the British weather. Our flags can hold up against winds up to 13-18 mph or weather measuring 4 on the Beaufort Scale.

What About Bases?

Every flag must be purchased with an appropiate accompanying base. We offer a range of bases from cross bases to ground spikes. Whatever the environment, we have a base suitable to match. Please see our prices page for more information on bases and their prices.

How can I download your sample images?

Please click the below links (and then right click to save on your computer):

Crest Shape Flag Printing Crest Shape Flag Printing
Crest Flags Crest Flags

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