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Custom Flags from Carrick Signs

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The crest and feather flags, offered at Carrick Signs Ltd, are of finest quality and provide the user with the flexibility of use and adjustment. These zoom lite flags can be used with poles ranging from 2.8m to 5.6m in height. Our feather and crest flags are designed to provide our customers with utmost ease and convenience of use and are fit to use with a number of bases, complementing various ground surfaces. The Zoom lite flag system is designed to withstand winds of 13-18 mph or 4 on the Beaufort scale.

Zoom Lite Flags Printing

The zoom lite flag system is preferred by many for the convenience and practicality of its use. At Carrick signs Ltd., our team aims to provide our customers with the best quality flags to suit their convenience. We consider the practicality and dexterity that a flag system may offer the user and offer a variety of flags for purchase that are light weight and portable. Their manageable structure and design ensures minimum weight and their accommodating construction make them an ideal choice to be carried around. Zoom lite flags are relatively compact and their adjustable sizes make them easier to be packed or packaged for distribution to various different locations.