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Christmas banners and boards

Posted by: Milosz on: 20/10/2014

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It's the time of the year to get your Christmas signs printed! Whether you need Christmas banners, Christmas fayre signs or want to advertise Christmas promotions in your hotel, shop or restaurant we are ready to design and print them in house. Just drop us a quick email describing your sign or banner and its size using any of our contact forms and we will get back to you as soon as possible as the Christmas clock is ticking fast.

Christmas Booking Banners

One of the most popular types of Christmas signage are Christmas booking banners. We have a range of Christmas templates allowing us to reduce the process of preparation to absolute minimum so you could get your banners displayed outside your pub, hotel or restaurant in a couple of days.

Christmas Boards for Restaurants

We print hundreds of Christmas correx boards each Christmas holiday season so if you want to run a promotion for Christmas dinner meal or special price lunch meal please send us the details and/or photos and we will put the sign layout together. For the Christmas layout we will charge just a small fee or it can be even free of charge if you buy large quantity. So if you have a chain of hotels or restaurants or a few dining businesses you can benefit not only from quantity discount but also reduced artwork design fee.

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