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We were requested to visit Our Lady’s school in Blackley where they had a large wall within the premises that had recently been re-painted white. The request was made that a religious graphic was placed on the wall. An image was given to ourselves to look at as a basis to work from. We used this image to create a similar design changing the words that were coming out of the hand. In order to make the wallpaper in keeping with the other graphics we have done for the school we used the same cross design within the hand.

We obtained the measurements for the wall of 6.8m x 4.5m. Once we had the measurements we were able to put the design large wallart installation together so that the customer could see what it would look like proportionately.

Once the artwork was all confirmed our fitting team went out to site to fit the wallpaper, on this occasion the school requested a self-adhesive option. As a small reach operated tower was required to fit this graphic it was fitted on a Saturday while there were no children around to be keeping with health and safety requirements. The wall paper was printed and fitted in a number of drops, we normally suggest around 1.2m wide for ease of fitting.

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