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Redbull Soapbox Signage

Posted by: Kirsty on: 20/08/2014

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Red Bull Soapbox Race is an international event in which amateur drivers race homemade soapbox vehicles. Each hand-made machine is fuelled by nothing but sheer courage, the force of gravity and perhaps a little Red Bull.

In July 2013 we were approached by a company who were interested in having correx, PVC mesh banner, floor graphics, cut correx shapes and  self-adhesive vinyl signage for the RedBull Soap Box event held this year in London city centre and was televised on Channel 5. Instantly we knew our prices would need to be keen, our turn around fast and most definitely our print quality would need to be top quality as it would be under the watchful eye of millions.

The Job was to include:

  • 68 x 8ft Correx tubes
  • 34 x Mesh PVC banners
  • 700 x Directional arrows  on self-adhesive vinyl

And a 3.5m Union jack floor graphic (seen on the Ramp in the image above)

Keeping the prices down

As we ourselves print in house keeping the prices cheap comes naturally, however when a client is ordering in bulk it is important to do everything you can to keep the prices as low as possible – a happy client is a client that returns after all. And we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction rate.

As we have many years of experience in the trade we have compiled a list of suppliers with the best quality products at the best prices, and as you would expect they just love to compete against each other.

This in mind the first step was to ring around our suppliers and find the best price available for the large quantity we had to order. It wasn’t long before we had battered the prices down and had a wonderful discount we could then pass on to our client!

Can you thank all your team for your help, the whole signage looked amazing”

Now to print, produce and deliver!

The correx printing was the first hurdle, each board had a completely different design and 3 sides in each design, so every board had to be mm perfect to ensure each face was correctly positioned. The boards were then scored to the back and fitted with strong double sided tape that would keep the correx boards in there totem like shape!

The next step was the Mesh banners – also with a different design on each these had to be hemmed reinforced and eyeleted. As some of these banners were to sit on the crowd control barriers they had to be tough!
Each of the banners was labelled up with a design description so that the banners could be easily placed on the event day.

Now for the directional self-adhesive vinyls – these were suggested by ourselves to save the client the cost of printing these on boards. As the client already had some boards we suggested providing arrows which could just be applied to the existing boards this made the clients life so much simpler.

The floor graphic was also suggested by us. This however was not the more cost effective option, but it was the safest! The client originally asked for a standard self-adhesive graphic however after explaining the implications that could have if the weather turned bad we provided a guaranteed non slip self-adhesive vinyl – this may have been the more expensive way of doing it but potentially saved Red Bull any bad publicity and worse potentially injuring someone.

Everything was completed in 4 working days including delivery time.

If you need event signage give us a call on 0161 764 9440

We are always more than happy to help and have years of experience dealing with all levels of events and all calibre of clients to suit all budgets!

Redbull Soapbox Signage

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