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Carrick Christmas Trees

Posted by: Richard on: 05/12/2019

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Local firm gives schools a 2 metre high blank Christmas tree to decorate – and offer a £500 prize for the best festivally decorated tree.

Last Christmas Carrick Signs in Whitefield helped three of their local community schools by providing a 2 metre high blank Christmas tree for the pupils to decorate. Amanda Roscoe, Managing Director of Carrick said, “We knew the three local schools and what we do is print on large boards and cut them to whatever shape required. But this time we just supplied the blank boards, cut to shape in two pieces, that slotted together to make a Christmas tree. The kids loved decorating them and sent us pictures of their work.”

Because it was so successful with those three primary schools last year, for this Christmas Carrick Signs decided to offer blank trees to all primary schools in the Bury area, but this time add a prize for the best decorated tree. That prize is a £500 voucher to buy large format print from Carrick over the next year.

“We do all we can to help our community.” added Amanda, “Offering all the schools a tree to decorate this year is part of that, but we thought that the kids would enjoy it even more if a prize to help their school was also part of the fun. We’ve sent a Carrick elf out to over twenty schools in the Bury area to drop off blank trees and look forward to seeing the finished decorations in a couple of weeks. All the schools will send us a photograph of their tree and the team here at Carrick will vote for the best work. One talented school will be told during their last week of term that their pupils have earned a £500 prize for their efforts!”

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